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Gratitude Towards God

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Speaking Engagements

Today, more than ever, our turbulent world needs to embrace the golden virtue of gratitude; expressed towards God and people. As a speaker and writer, Uno Okon passionately presents a compelling message of gratitude that transforms lives and relationships for good. He firmly believes gratitude makes us resilient and is needed most during difficult times. Uno lives and breathes gratitude. He is adept at helping listeners embrace and apply gratitude to create value in the workplace, business, personal relationships, and most importantly, in our relationship with God.

Uno Okon is available to speak on various topics that bother on the theme of gratitude. He can work with you to develop content that addresses your specific needs. Some speaking themes are listed below.

Faith-based Audience (Churches and Others)

  • Gratitude and Worship
  • Gratitude Towards God
  • Thanksgiving and Praises
  • Radical Gratitude Dance
  • Gratitude and Marriage
  • Gratitude and Spiritual Maturity
  • The Blessed Twin: Grace and Gratitude
  • Gratitude and the Furnace of Adversity
  • Gratitude and the Cultivation of Godly Virtues

Corporate and Business Audiences

  • Gratitude as a Resilience Factor
  • Gratitude and Good Mental Health
  • Gratitude and Workplace Productivity
  • Gratitude and Organizational Culture

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