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Uno Okon is a disciple of Jesus Christ; a servant leader who has been transformed by the power of gratitude. Together with his beloved wife, he shares a life-changing message of gratitude with a world in pain, distress, and in need of comfort. He is an ordained minister with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, where he joyfully serves as a pastor and a teacher of the Word while reaching out to the Edmonton downtown community. He is a registered professional engineer and a cybersecurity thought leader.

Uno is happily married to his best friend and a gospel music icon, Peju Okon, and blessed with two wonderful sons. Uno and his family live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where they enjoy the incredible cultural diversity of the city and have learned to gratefully adapt to Edmonton’s long, drawn-out winter seasons.

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Gratitude is an attitude that helps you see the message in the mess, the testimony in the test, and the profit in the pain. Once you get it right by inculcating an attitude of gratitude, things change—first within you, and eventually around you.


Inspiration for Writing

The deep compassion I felt for people’s suffering during the dark seasons of the COVID-19 pandemic inspired my writing.

  • Relentless Gratitude is a book baked and shaped by my past experience of adversity.
  • It captures my passionate presentation of gratitude as a resilience factor and a significant contributor to good mental health.
  • In writing, I was moved by the deep spiritual understanding that gratitude is a big deal to God, is deeply pleasing to Him, and has far-reaching ramifications on all aspects of our lives and relationships.