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DealFinder Package (5 copies) - $80.00

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We made it easy for you to order Relentless Gratitude in bulk for use as gift items during special days (Thanksgiving celebrations, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Birthdays, Christmas, and others). The subject of the book (gratitude) has a broad appeal, so the book can also serve as an outreach and evangelism resource.

If you are interested in reselling Relentless Gratitude, this package offers you a great discount.

Family and Friends - $35

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What’s better than a copy of the Relentless Gratitude book? . . . TWO COPIES!

This package is a bundle of two softcover (paperback) copies. Get this for yourself and a loved one.

Just the Book (softcover) - $20.00

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By itself, it STILL STANDS OUT!


Gratitude at its core is an attitude of mind—a whole new outlook and perspective to life. It is an attitude that looks out for good and celebrates both the good and the giver of the good. It is an attitude that focuses on what you have rather than what you don’t have.